Explore Brac and the neighbor islands

Beach Golden Horn (Zlatni rat), Island of Brac

Beach Golden horn is the most recognizable symbol of the island of Brac. This sandy beach is located near the town of Bol. It is the most famous windsurfing beach in Croatia and invites you to enjoy activities all day long. It is possible to reach the Golden horn beach by a 20-minute walk by the sea, tourist train or car. Yet the most beautiful access to the beach is from the sea, VEN 501.

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Vidova Gora, island of Brac

Vidova Gora, which is 780 m above sea level, is the highest peak of the island of Brac, and the highest island peak on the Adriatic. From Vidova Gora you can enjoy wonderful view of Bol, the popular beach "Zlatni rat" and the island of Hvar. It is located on the southern part of the island of Brač, above the town of Bol. Up to the top you can hike or you can simply rent the air-conditioned car Opel Grandland Enjoy 1.5 CDTI.

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Blue Cave, Island of Bisevo

Blue Cave is the pearl of the Adriatic Sea. The cave is located on the island of Bisevo. Around noon rays of sun are getting through the underwater hole into the cave and reflect from the white bottom and illuminate the cave in blue and the objects in the water in silver color. The cave is deep 3 - 20 m. Blue Cave can be reached by boat ELAN 20 CC.

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Lozisca, Island of Brac

The village of Lozisca is located on the western side of the island of Brac, 2 km from the sea. Lozisca is a picturesque little village with island style architecture. Nearby is the so-called. "Franjo Josipa Bridge", which is ideal for cycling or hiking. Near the bridge, by the sea, there is a magnificent view of the "Veliki dolac" that goes all the way to port of Vucja, in front of Bobovisca. This is also great destination for rock climbers with more than 30 climbing directions. Lozisca can be easily reach by bicycle Specialized pitch men sport 27.5.

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Maslinica, Island of Solta

Maslinica is the only village and port on the west coast of the island of Solta. On the south side of Maslinica bay is a beautiful landscape with pine forests and hidden stone beaches, and in front of the cove there is an archipelago of seven islets. On the largest of them, in Stipanska, there is an early Christian basilica and a Benedictine monastery whose remains can still be seen today. Village of Maslinica as well as other places on the island of Solta, can be found with the boat ELAN 20 CC.

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Stiniva Beach, Island of Vis

Stiniva is the most famous beach on the island of Vis, which in the geologic past was created by the collapse of the cave roof. It is located on the south side of the island of Vis. Bay is surrounded by large cliffs and is known for high quality sea water. This beautiful beach can be reached by boat RASCALA 600.

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